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Full Address:
Sunčani apartments
Burićeva ulica 2
10020 ZAGREB


Arriving by car
When entering Zagreb from the South (from the Karlovac direction and A1 highway), turn right at the lights by the Arena Zagreb (the music and sports hall, not the shopping center). Continue straight by the music hall, Lidl supermarket, a church and further through residential area. You will drive through two roundabouts and three lights. After the third crossroad/lights you will pass a railroad. Continue straight down the Luja Naletilica street for about 300-400 meters. Just after the bus stop at your left, you need to turn left down the Lukoranska road – there is a sign saying Naselje Otočec. Continue down this road some 200m, go down the little hill, continue little bit more, we are the first house on your right. It says Suncani apartmani on the little crossroad just before the house and on our colorful fence.
Arriving by public transport
Tram lines 7, 14, 17, or 4 will take you to Savski most – the departure point of our local bus No. 110 (direction Botinec-Remetinec). Get on this bus. The ride takes approx. 5 minutes. After you see the big Konzum supermarket, get off on the bus stop on teh Luja Naletilica street (this is the 8th stop after the departure). Go back on foot some 15 meters and turn left to Lukoranska road right by the sigh that says Naselje Otočec. Continuewalking down this road some 200m, go down the little hill, continue little bit more, we are the second house on your right. It says Suncani apartmani on the little crossroad just before the house and on our colorful fence.
How to reach us from Zagreb Intl Airport?
It will take you around 20 minutes to reach us from the airport. When you leave the airport, follow the signs for Velika Gorica, then Mlaka and Buzin (Zagreb Center signs will take you to a slightly longer way). When you pass Velika Gorica (Ivana Pavla II Street), follow Zagreb signs to the right. This is Zagrebačka street. Continue driving straight this two lane road for some 4-5 mins. You will pass some lights, continue straight. Then turn right at the light in the direction of American Embassy and Odra. After you turn right you will continue and go over an overpass. Just after it you will come to the point where you can go only left or right. Turn right. Continue this road for some 5-6 mins. Be aware that speeding limit is only 40km. This road is straight and just drive until you reach another overpass, and go over this one as well. Continue little bit more until you see on your left side a big supermarket KONZUM. At the lights by this supermarket go straight and after some 100metres (just after a white-blue storehouse) go right to our street. The signs and this turn are Opel Servis and Otočec. Continue down this road some 200m, and go down the little hill, continue little bit more, we are the second house on your right. It says Suncani apartmani on the little crossroad just before the house and on our colorful fence.


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How to get from Sunčani apartments to the city center by public transport?
Walk some 200 metres from our apartments along Burićeva and Lukoranska until you come to Luja Naletilića street. Some 15 metres to the right there is a bus stop. Wait here for bus number 110 (Botinec – Rementinec). After 3 stops, you will come to Savski most, the end of the line. Everybody goes out here. From Savski most you can take either tram number 4 that takes you to the Main train station (an easy stroll along Zrinjevac brings you to the main square) or you can walk to the next station (Veslačka) and take either tram number 14 or 17 that brings you directly to the main square (Trg bana J. Jelacica). When coming back from the city, pay attention that the bus 110 is a circular line, so you need to do a bit of a round until you reach the same stop from which you left. It is some 12 minutes ride, 8th stop from Savski most.
Do we have secured parking during our stay?
The parking is available at the property, just in front of the entrance doors of the apartments, and few meters away from the cottage. At night, the entrance gate closes.
Where is the nearest supermarket?
The nearest supermarket is Konzum, just 300 metres away. You can go both ways of our street. When you go the left, reach the Luja Naletilića street some 200 meters from our house, and then turn left, and after some 100 meters you will reach Konzum. Besides groceries, Konzum sells household accessories, some clothes, has a florist. There are a few clothing stores and a cafe. There are ATM machines available as well.
How to reach Arena Music Hall and Arena shopping center?
You can easily walk to both from our accommodation. It should take you about 15 minutes. Walk up the road as if you were going to the bus station, and continue down the Luja Naletilića street (meaning turn right and pass the bus station). Walk for some 5-10 minutes until you cross the railroad and traffic lights. Continue forward. After some 3-4 minutes you will see the Music Hall. To its left, there will be Arena shopping center.

Distances to the most important sights in the vicinity

Music and Sports Hall Arena Zagreb is located 3 minutes drive away from our property, and 10 to 15 minutes on foot.

Arena Shopping Center is located in our very vicinity. It offers a wide range of goods and services, as well as entertainment – for everybody’s taste and pocket.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is the Zagreb’s newest museum, offering the finest works of contemporary artists. It is located 10 minutes away by car, and 20 minuts away by public transport.

Zagreb Fair is located 5-10 minute drive from Sunčani apartments. During exhibitions and other major events it is necessary to book accommodation considerably in advance.

Bundek is known to be “all in one” – the city’s favorite park, walking area for the locals as well as visitors and very often an open air stage and a center of many of the city’s happenings and festivals. It is located only 5 minutes away by car or 20 minutes by public transport (just take the bus 234 from Remetinec crossroad and get off at Bundek Lake).

Buzin business zone located in the south of Zagreb in the direction of Velika Gorica is often a center of business gatherings, congresses and other events. Considering the increasing number of companies that have set their headquarters in Buzin, the interest of accommodation in its vicinity is on the rise as well. You can get to Buzin from Sunčani in about 5 minuts by car.

Only few kilometers away from our estate there is the only professional golf course in Zagreb. The golf club offers golf school, city course, competition course as well as a restaurant and a pro shop.